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Afrikabisa is an ethical tour operator located in Moshi, Tanzania. As a 100% locally owned company, we take great pride in showing visitors the magnificent nature and authentic culture of East Africa while providing quality career opportunities to men and women who call Tanzania home.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro 

Nicknamed the “Roof of Africa,” Mt. Kilimanjaro is the continent’s highest mountain and one of the famed Seven Summits. Afrikabisa tours offer multiple routes to the summit, and we help you prepare and train for your trek. Our experienced guides and porters will be on your side to make the journey as comfortable, safe, and memorable as possible while celebrating each milestone together.

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Tanzania safaris 
& cultural tours

Whether exploring the world-famous Serengeti or discovering hidden gem destinations and cultural immersions, let the Afrikabisa team show you all that Tanzania has to offer. Our safaris and exotic excursions can serve as the main attraction of your trip or be add-on adventures after your climb. 

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Reviews & reactions

Afrikabisa was incredibly welcoming and offered such a genuine and exciting experience. I think what really sets them a part is their willingness to listen, curate and improve their tours every single time which again, shows their authenticity and that they truly care. It also allows them to closely tend to their customer's well-being and experience.

An authentic and caring adventure

Davis S, Tripadvisor

Reviews & reactions

Hendry and his team combine knowledge with enthusiasm and expertise in order to provide what can only be described as a first rate, unparalleled experience…. Every single guide and porter was passionate about helping me reach the summit in a safe, responsible manner.

Excellent, First-rate, look no further

Jill F, Tripadvisor

Reviews & reactions

Afrikabisa was a phenomenal company to guide my trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. I left that mountain feeling like I gained a family. The guides and porters anticipated our every move and provided care that was at a level higher than I could have ever expected. They taught us about the mountain and made every step of the trip better. 

Incredible in an understatement

Laura6525, Tripadvisor


Afrikabisa was created to provide fair working conditions for local porters and treat our entire team with dignity and respect.

Ethical tourism


We cater an itinerary to your length of stay, desired adventures, and preferred accommodations through our esteemed partners.

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You can look forward to a high-end experience from start to finish. We can accommodate special needs and dietary requirements and provide layers of subtle luxury along the trail and at camp.

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