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When you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Afrikabisa, you will be guided by our experienced, friendly team. Your climbing group will consist of a certified guide, cook, waiter, assigned porter to assist with your gear, and support porters that handle specific tasks on the trail and at camp. 

Unlike other tour operating companies, we encourage our team members to engage with clients to share their expertise on the mountain and their personal stories. Often, we hear from guests that the relationships formed with the crew are some of their best memories of the trip. 

Hendry started Afrikabisa in 2015 with the intention of providing fair working conditions for porters in his hometown of Moshi and the surrounding region. 

As a professional in a different industry, Hendry joined a hiking tour on Mt. Kilimanjaro and saw the mistreatment of porters firsthand. This experience inspired him to produce a documentary exposing the hardships of porters, including corruption of wages and tips as well as inadequate food and equipment. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to pursue that project. Instead, Hendry decided the best way to make a meaningful change would be to start his own tour company in Tanzania. Today, Hendry remains active in nearly every Afrikabisa excursion.

Hendry Teweli Mworia

Founder and owner


Aaron is one of our lead guides and has been part of the Afrikabisa team for several years. He embraces our core philosophy of treating porters fairly and with respect. Before becoming a guide, Aaron was a porter for three years. He attended the College of African Wildlife Management, MWEKA, and completed guide training in 1999.  

Aaron Mwaigwisya

Athuman has a gift for encouraging and motivating climbers – often by singing! He is very patient and always willing to provide advice or answer questions. He started climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2007 and has been a guide with Afrikabisa since 2019. Athuman worked as a porter for four years before attending college to study tourism and earn his guide certification. 

Athuman Mohamed Shemweta

Mary is one of the most in-demand and respected female guides in Tanzania. She has been climbing Mount Kilimanjaro since 2011 and on the Afrikabisa team since 2020. Calm and determined, Mary does excellent work with climbers of all levels and abilities. 

Mary Edward Shayo

Joseph has over a decade of tourism experience as a guide and porter. He is passionate about nature and very knowledgeable about the flowers, trees, vegetation zone, and altitude you will experience while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Joseph Adolf Ndanu 


Richard is an experienced cook who is eager to prepare meals for guests with specific dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, gluten-free, halal, and kosher. He has been cooking for Afrikabisa since 2020. Richard served as a porter for seven years before being trained as a cook. 

Richard Tuly

Jumane worked for some of the larger tour operator companies before joining Afrikabsia because of our ethical treatment of local porters. Listening is one of his strongest abilities, which helps him provide excellent care to our guests and crew. Jumane started mountain climbing as a porter in 2009 and has been serving as a cook since 2014. 

Jumane Feo Baha


Not only is Moses an excellent waiter, but he is also amazingly creative with his table settings. He is very polite and can communicate with guests in English to ensure all their food requests are taken care of. Moses began his career in tourism as a porter before studying hotel management to become a waiter. 

Moses Medard Angelo

Camping manager

As our Camp Manager, Ephata handles the logistics of the climb and works closely with our guides and porters to ensure the trek goes smoothly. He is known for bringing joy to climbing groups with his laughter, singing, and dancing. Ephata started as a porter in 2004 before attending Professional Tourism College in 2022. He plans on attending Mweka Wildlife College to become a professional Mountain Guide and Safari Guide.

Ephata Baktazary Shayo


Joseph started climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2019 after finishing his secondary education. He is one of our youngest porters but has proven to be hardworking with a positive attitude. 

Joseph Venance Mbuya

Idd has over 10 years of experience as a porter and has been climbing with us since 2018. He is flexible, reliable, patient, and a great teammate with other porters. Through the support of Afrikabis, Idd went through English training to simplify his communication with guests. 

Idd Juma Shelukindo

You will almost always see a kind smile on Catherine’s face. She started climbing as a porter in 2016. At Afrikabisa, Catherine serves many roles, including summit porter and waiter. 

Catherine Lameki 

Martin has been climbing as a porter since 2012 and is currently going through guide training. He is very hardworking, helpful, and caring to clients.

Martin Vivian Wenga

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