Uplifting our community through ethical tourism

Tanzania is blessed with natural wonders such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park. So it’s no surprise that tourism is a vital industry for our economy and people. Adventures such as mountain climbing wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our local porters. 


“Afrikabisa is also caring for better conditions for the porters and we think that is really important.” – Toril from Norway

Why choose an ethical tour company in Tanzania

On every mountain excursion, several porters are needed to help carry guests’ gear, set up camp, move kitchen equipment and camping toilets, and do many other tasks. The larger the climbing party, the more porters are needed to make the trip successful.

Unfortunately, there is a long history of corruption and mistreatment of porters within the tourism industry. Additionally, because of weather conditions and the seasons of climbing, porters can’t always rely on consistent work throughout the year to provide for their families. 

At Afrkikabia Ethical Tours, we offer a responsible option to fulfill your dream of climbing Mount Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our company was created to provide fair working conditions and ethical treatment of porters. Over the past several years, Afrikabisa has earned a reputation within the porter community for being one of the best places to work on the mountain.

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What we provide our mountain crew

At Afrikabisa, we pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding the minimum standards for what is considered an ethical tour operator. Beyond the essential needs of fair pay, gear, and food, we also support our porters on a personal level to enhance their careers and life. 

Above-standard wages that are paid promptly after trip

Transparent distribution of tips

Proper gear and equipment, including clothing, tents, and sleeping bags

Three nutritious meals per day 

Carrying loads no more than 20 kilograms
(44 pounds)

Opportunities for female guides and porters 

Company-sponsored training to become a certified guide or learn English

What’s in a name?

Our porters wear nametags so climbers can refer to them by name and get to know them personally. This may seem like a trivial policy, but many other tour operators discourage interaction between customers and crew. At Afrikabisa, all our team members are treated equally and with dignity. 

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