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Reaching 5,895 meters (19,342 feet), Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. For many adventurers, climbing Kili is a life-changing experience. While the trek is physically and mentally demanding, Mount Kilimanjaro is often considered the most accessible of the Seven Summits. 

At Afrikabisa, we offer personalized climbing tours for individuals and groups of all sizes. 

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“We had an excellent time and a successful summit to the Rooftop of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. You want to go with Afrikabisa.” – Sara from USA

Why hike Mt Kilimanjaro with Afrikabisa

We understand that there are many tour operators on Mount Kilimanjaro and that the choice can be difficult or overwhelming. Here is what sets Afrikabisa apart from the rest.

As an ethical tour company, we are committed to providing fair working conditions for porters and treating our entire team with dignity and respect.

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We are a fully locally owned and operated company. Some larger tour operators promote a “local presence,” but are really based in another country. Our founder and owner is from Moshi, Tanzania, and only hires local team members to support the regional economy. 

We take pride in delivering first-class and providing our guests with delightful surprises throughout the trip.

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Choosing your Kilimanjaro route

There are seven approved routes that take you up the mountain and lead to Uhuru Peak. No route is “best” – each one provides a different experience of Kilimanjaro. 

We can recommend a route for your trip based on several factors, including how many days you have available, your climbing experience level, and the time of year you will be visiting Tanzania. 


5-6 days

Also known as the Whiskey Route, Machame offers scenic splendor of valleys and ice fields. The route is longer and slightly more challenging than the Marangu. About 80% of hikers make the summit.


6-7 days

Known as the Coca-Cola route, Marangu approaches Kilimanjaro from the southeast. With its gradual slope and direct path, it’s considered the easiest path to the summit. However, it has the least scenic variety and can be the most crowded route. 


7-8 days

The longest, most remote route to Kilimanjaro with breathtaking scenery, including a dense rainforest with unique wildlife sightseeing. Lemosho has a high success rate and medium traffic. 

Shira Route

7-8 days

The Shira route is one of the older Kilimanjaro routes, and is very similar to the Lemosho route.It starts relatively high above sea level and is a less frequented route. The route requires you to camp.

Rongai Route

6-7 days

Rongai approaches Kili from the north, close to the Kenyan border. Good for hikers seeking a low-traffic, easier route. 

Umbwe Route 

5-6 days

A very challenging route that offers extraordinary scenery and a direct way to reach Uhuru Peak. You can expect low traffic on Umbwe. 

Northern Circuit

8-9 days

The longest route offers a fantastic journey and a high chance of reaching the summit. Low traffic for hikers who want to avoid the crowds. 

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Cost to climb Kilimanjaro

Afrikabisa tours are personalized to your needs and interests. Once you choose your desired route and any add-on adventures before or after your climb, we provide a custom itinerary and pricing options. 

All of our packages include:

Support team including a certified guide, cook, and assigned porter – the size of the support team will be determined by the number of guests in your group

Three meals per day while on the trail – we are able to accommodate many dietary requests

High-quality camp equipment, including spacious tent, sleeping bag

Daily celebrations with traditional singing and dancing 

Consultation for gear and physical training to prepare for your climb

Concierge service and transportation in Tanzania 

Pre-trip briefing and equipment check with your guide anywhere within an hour of Arusha/Moshi

Meet our climbing team

At Afrikabisa, your support team does more than carry your gear and cook your food. They share their knowledge of the mountain, provide an authentic cultural experience, and motivate you throughout the journey. 

our team

Reviews & reactions

Afrikabisa was incredibly welcoming and offered such a genuine and exciting experience. I think what really sets them a part is their willingness to listen, curate and improve their tours every single time which again, shows their authenticity and that they truly care. It also allows them to closely tend to their customer's well-being and experience.

An authentic and caring adventure

Davis S, Tripadvisor

Reviews & reactions

Hendry and his team combine knowledge with enthusiasm and expertise in order to provide what can only be described as a first rate, unparalleled experience…. Every single guide and porter was passionate about helping me reach the summit in a safe, responsible manner.

Excellent, First-rate, look no further

Jill F, Tripadvisor

Reviews & reactions

Afrikabisa was a phenomenal company to guide my trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. I left that mountain feeling like I gained a family. The guides and porters anticipated our every move and provided care that was at a level higher than I could have ever expected. They taught us about the mountain and made every step of the trip better. 

Incredible in an understatement

Laura6525, Tripadvisor

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