Preparing for your climb

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t just a physical challenge – it’s also a logistical one. For many people, the trip is planned months (if not years) in advance. There are numerous considerations and decisions you need to make before stepping foot on the trail. At Afrikabisa, we want your trip to be as smooth and successful as possible, including the planning phase. We hope you find this information helpful as you prepare for your adventure. You can always contact us for more advice and recommendations if you have any questions.

Best time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

While the mountain is open year-round, two climbing seasons give you the best likelihood of success and the safest conditions.

Dry season with a chance of snow at the summit. Generally, the mountain is less busy this time of year.

December through March

Mostly dry with a slight chance of rain. Usually the busiest time of year on the mountain.

June through October

The rainy season in Tanzania is typically from the end of March through early June.


Weather & altitude

During your climb, you will encounter the four climate zones of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Each zone offers vastly different weather and conditions. You should be prepared for a range of temperatures, rain, mist, and wind.

Aside from the weather, the most common safety issue that climbers face on Kilimanjaro is altitude sickness, also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). If you can acclimatize your body to high altitudes before your trek, that is the best way to avoid altitude illness. However, we understand that it is difficult or impossible for many of our visitors coming from near sea level. Our climbing tours are designed for slow, gradual ascension up the mountain. This allows your body to adapt to the altitude as much as possible. We recommend that you bring Diamox to prevent and treat the effects of altitude on your body. Our team is also trained to identify early signs of altitude sickness to avoid serious injury.

1,800 to 3,000 meters (5,905 to 9,842 feet)
       ● Day temperatures: 21 to 32°C (70-90°F)
       ● Night temperatures: 4 to 15°C (40-60°F)

Rain forest zone

3,000 to 4,200 meters (9,842 to 13,780 feet)
       ● Day temperatures: 10 to 27°C (50-80°F)
       ● Night temperatures: -1 to 15°C (30-60°F)

Low alpine zone

4,200 to 5,000 meters (13,780 to 16,404 feet)
       ● Day temperatures: -6 to 15°C (20 to 60°F)
       ● Night temperatures: -12 to 10°C (10 to 50°F)

High alpine zone

5,000 to 5,895 meters
(16,404 to 19,340 feet)
       ● Day temperatures:
           -2 to 4°C (10 to 40°F)
       ● Night temperatures:
          -26 to 0°C (-15 to 32°F)

Glacial zone

Gear & camp amenities

Considering the harsh environment you’ll encounter on the mountain, investing in high-quality gear is an absolute must. The Afrikabisa team will be available to answer questions you have about what to pack. We’ll also conduct a thorough gear check once you arrive in Tanzania.

● Tent
● Sleeping mattress
● Stretcher cot

What AFRIKABISA provides:

● Lightweight and heavy clothes for layering
● Cold-weather clothing (jacket, fleece, gloves, etc.)
● Waterproof hiking books and nylon gaiters
● Rugged sandals
● Hat and polarized sunglasses
● Trekking poles
● Duffel bag and day bag
● Sleeping bag
● Head lamp
● Toiletries

What you’ll need to bring:

Physical training

One of the most common questions asked is, “What kind of fitness is necessary to climb Kilimanjaro?” While individuals of all abilities are capable of conquering the mountain, strengthening your body and mind is critical for this intense challenge. Hiking –ideally on uphill terrain – and weight/gym exercises are recommended for physical training.

 A complimentary eight-week training plan is included in your Afrikabisa tour package.

Where to stay

The following are our partner hotels in and around Moshi, Tanzania. Any of these local establishments would be an excellent place to rest before and after your climb.

The Park View Inn Hotel is close to town and the bus station for transportation from other regions.

Park View Inn Hotel

The Pink Flamingo Tanzania is about a 15-minute drive from Moshi and offers a gorgeous view and fresh air.

Pink Flamingo Tanzania

The Kilimanjaro Luxury camp offers excellent views, fresh food, and good weather. It is located about 20 minutes from Moshi town.

Kilimanjaro Luxury Camp

Panama Garden is a three-star resort featuring a pool, outdoor garden, playground, free WiFi, and free parking.


Located just a few minutes outside Moshe Town Centre, the Ameg Lodge is a popular choice for a pre-climb stay and the celebration night after returning from your climb. The lodge offers excellent service and a tranquil setting in the remote African Bush.


Plan your 

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